Contemporary Ways of Integrability


Directions and Transportation

From Central Lisbon to the Complexo

The full address of the venue is the following:

Instituto para a Investigacao Interdisciplinar da Universidade de Lisboa, also known as Complexo Interdisciplinar,
Av. Prof. Gama Pinto, 2

The easiest way to reach the complexo is by subway ("Metro") trains: take the Yellow Line (Linha Amarela), get off at Cidade Universitaria station, and choose the exit "Hospital de Santa Maria", which is situated in Avenida Prof. Gama Pinto. Walk the Avenida Gama Pinto (slightly) uphill until the traffic light, cross the street to reach the left side of the road, and keep walking the Avenida Gama Pinto. The Complexo is the last building of the Avenida on the left side of the road, at the corner with Avenida das Forcas Armadas (200 m. from the Metro station).
Local area map

From the Airport to Central Lisbon

Tickets for Public Transportation

Tickets can be purchased at the automatic selling machines at every subway station. With the first ticket you will receive a VIVA Card (similar to an Oyster Card in London), that you have to recharge.
When you recharge it, you can either choose to buy some courses for the metro or you can choose to put some money in it (ZAPPING option); in this ways the VIVA Card is valid on all Lisbon Public Transportation: Metro, Buses, Trams, Trains and Ferries.
We suggest to use the ZAPPING option (notice that purchasing the ticket directly on the bus or on the tram costs 1.75 and 3.50 Euro respectively, while if your VIVA Card is recharged the same rides will cost 1.15 Euro.)
The cost of most rides is 1.15 Euro: you will spend between 10 and 15 Euro during your stay.
For further information:
MetroLisboa, the local Public Transport Authority. It features a journey planner, as well up-to-date information on the service.


Most participants will stay at the "Hotel Vip Executive Zurique", Rua Ivone Silva 18, 1050-124 Lisboa, Tel: + 351 21 7814000. The hotel is located between Entrecampos Train and Metro Station and Campo Pequeno, which is an arena for touradas as well as a Metro Station. Campo Pequeno is served by many buses, including the buses 745, 44 and the Aerobus that connect it to the Airport.
Local Area Map