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Valores próprios do Laplaciano: aspectos analíticos, geométricos e computacionais



The purpose of the project is to combine analytic, geometric and computational aspects to develop the theory of eigenvalues of the Laplacian and related operators. The emphasis will be on the study of isoperimetric relations between spectral and geometric quantities and on the approximation of eigenvalues from numerical and analytic perspectives.

The host institution is the Group of Mathematical Physics of the University of Lisbon. This is a research centre in Mathematics funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) which has always been awarded the highest possible classification in all international evaluations carried out by FCT; in the latest of these (2008) only 6 research units out of a total universe of 20 Maths Centres in the whole country received this classification.

The project includes funding for two postdoctoral positions starting before the end of 2010.

Time span: 2010-01-14 / 2013-01-13
Funding institution: FCT.


Publicações no âmbito deste projecto

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Artigos publicados

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