Contemporary Ways Of Integrability

A Workshop for Young Researchers in
Integrable Systems and their Ramifications

May 16-19, 2012
Complexo Interdisciplinar da Universidade de Lisboa

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This workshop will be devoted to modern developments in the theory of integrable systems and its ramifications in Geometry,Mathematical Physics and the Analysis of Nonlinear PDEs. The spectrum of ideas we will explore range from the appearance of integrable structures in the geometry of moduli spaces and topological QFT , to the critical behaviour of Hamiltonian PDEs in the small dispersion limit and the study of integrable random models. We aim at bringing together and foster the interaction among young researchers interested and active on various aspects of integrable systems as well as their interface with other subjects. To this end we propose, on one hand, a series of short lectures intended to introduce the relevant themes of current research; on the other, a limited amount of talks on frontier topics will be scheduled.

Lecturers and Speakers

M. Bertola (Concordia U., Montreal)
A. Brini (Imperial College)
M. Cafasso (Angers)
A. Raimondo (SISSA)
P. Rossi (U. Zuerich)


G. Borot (U. Geneva)
A. Buryak (Amsterdam U.)
T. Claeys (Louvain)
M. Duits (KTH, Stockholm)
A. Moro (SISSA, Trieste)
N. Orantin (IST Lisbon)
S. Romano (SISSA, Trieste)
D. Sepe (IST Lisbon)
Y. Shi (Sydney)

Scientific Board and Organizing Committee

M. Abreu (IST Lisboa)
M. Cafasso (Angers)
B. Dubrovin (SISSA)
D. Masoero (U. Lisboa)
P. Rossi (U. Zuerich)
J.-C. Zambrini (U. Lisboa)




Practical Info

Social activities

If you are considering to participate, please write to the organizing committee as soon as possible
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