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The AdS/CFT Correspondence for Euclidean Quantum Fields
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-03-15 14:30 .. 15:30
Hanno Gottschalk (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany)
Spectral geometry: isoperimetry and euclidean embeddings
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-03-12 15:30 .. 16:30
Alexandre Girouard (Univ. Savoie, France and Univ. Laval, Canada)
Decoherence in Infinite Quantum Systems
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-03-12 14:15 .. 15:15
Philippe Blanchard (Univ. Bielefeld, Germany)
PDEs of Mathematical Physics, A Modern Introduction. II - What is a stochastic differential equation?
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-03-05 14:30 .. 15:30
Ana Bela Cruzeiro (GFMUL / Dept. Mathematics, IST)
PDEs of Mathematical Physics, A Modern Introduction. I - What is a Hamiltonian equation?
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-02-26 14:30 .. 15:30
Davide Masoero (GFMUL)
Trigonometric sl(2) Gaudin model with boundary terms
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-02-15 14:30 .. 15:30
Nenad Manojlovic (GFMUL/Universidade do Algarve)
Spectral Problems for Coupled Systems of PDEs and Applications
IIIUL, B3-01, 2013-02-05 16:00 .. 17:00
Christiane Tretter (University of Bern)
On the inviscid limit for stochastic Navier-Stokes equations
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-02-01 14:30 .. 15:30
Iván Torrecilla Tarantino (GFMUL)
Invariant measure for linear stochastic heat equation related to the KPZ equation
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-01-08 14:30 .. 15:30
Tadahisa Funaki (University of Tokyo)
Introduction to pseudo-integrable billiards and arithmetic dynamics
IIIUL, B1-01, 2013-01-04 14:30 .. 15:30
by V. Dragovic (UT Dallas)
Spectra of graphene nanoribbons with armchair and zigzag boundary conditions
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-12-14 14:30 .. 15:30
Petr Siegl (GFMUL)
A deformation of the method of characteristics and the Cauchy problem for Hamiltonian PDEs in the small dispersion limit
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-12-07 14:30 .. 15:30
Andrea Raimondo (SISSA, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste)
The improved decay rate for the heat semigroup with local magnetic field in the plane
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-11-23 13:30 .. 14:30
David Krejcirik (Dept. Theoretical Physics, Nuclear Physics Institute, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic)
Painleve Equations, Coverings of the Sphere and Belyi Functions
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-11-09 14:30 .. 15:30
Davide Masoero (GFMUL)
Precise asymptotics for large deviations of integral forms
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-10-26 14:30 .. 15:30
Xiangfeng Yang (GFMUL)
Stochastic invertibility on Wiener space: some general results, and applications
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-10-12 14:30 .. 15:30
Rémi Lassalle (Télécom Paristech)
Variation of the optimal transport map on Gaussian space
IIIUL, A2-25, 2012-09-27 15:00 .. 16:00
Shizan Fang (Univ. de Bourgogne, France)
Slowing down conditioned random walks to recover optimal transport on a graph
IIIUL, A2-25, 2012-09-20 15:00 .. 16:00
Christian Léonard (Univ. Paris Nanterre)
Relations between geometry and the principal eigenvalue in some point-interaction models
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-09-06 15:00 .. 16:00
Pavel Exner (Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics, Praga, República Checa)
Bethe ansaetzen for open spin chains with non diagonal boundaries
IIIUL, B1-01, 2012-08-31 14:30 .. 15:30
Eric Ragoucy (LAPTH, Annecy-le-Vieux, France)