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Two five-year research positions [C2007-UL-337-GFM]

GFM invites applications for two five-year research positions in the areas of Stochastic Analysis and Molecular Dynamics of Complex Systems, in the wider context of Mathematical Physics or Theoretical Physical Chemistry.

5-year contract, base salary: 43k€
Application deadline: 08 September 2007
Job/fellowship Reference: C2007-UL-337-GFM
Main research field: Mathematics
Type of contract: Contrato a termo certo
Vacant posts: 2
Job country: Portugal
Job city: Lisboa
Job company/institute: Grupo de Física-Matemática, Universidade de Lisboa
Original announcement: http://www.eracareers.pt/opportunities/index.aspx?task=global&jobId=6005

Job description

Applicants with a strong background in one of the following areas, in the wider context of Mathematical Physics or Theoretical Physical Chemistry, are specially encouraged to apply:

  • Stochastic Analysis;
  • Molecular Dynamics of Complex Systems.

The potential for applications in emergent interdisciplinary fields, namely Theoretical Neuro-biology, as well as for innovative interdisciplinary research, will be a plus.

Candidates should have a PhD in

  • Mathematics (for Stochastic Analysis),
  • Mathematics, Physics, Theoretical Physical Chemistry or equivalent (for Molecular Dynamics)

and have a strong research record showing the capability of carrying out independent research.


Besides a letter of application, candidates should send a curriculum vitae, a summary of research accomplishments, a research statement, and two reference letters.

All documents must be sent both in digital form, to zambrini@cii.fc.ul.pt, and in print, to

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande, Edifício C5
1749-016 LISBOA Portugal

Candidates must have a minimum of 3 years postdoctoral research experience.

Please refer to job reference in all application materials.

Additional details are available in the original announcement at the Portuguese Researcher's Mobility Portal.

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