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Davide Masoero
FCT researcher
Formerly at GFM as:
· Post-doc
Degree: Doutoramento / PhD
Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Sciences
Campo Grande, Edifício C6
PT-1749-016 Lisboa
Room: 6.2.36
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Davide Home Page

Hi, I am Davide Masoero
You are welcome to my Homepage

I work as a FCT Investigator at the mathematical department of Lisbon university, and I am a member of the Grupo de Fisica Matematica da Universidade de Lisboa.

My recent paper in collaboration with Andrea Raimondo and Daniele Valeri on the ODE/IM correspondence for simply-laced (ADE) Lie algebras is now published in Communications in Mathematical Physics (CMP). Here is the arXiv version
The follow-up about ODE/IM correspondence for NON-simply-laced (ADE) Lie algebras has also been published on CMP. The accepted version is available on the arXiv

The paper Asymptotic analysis of noisy fitness maximization, applied to metabolism and growth in collaboration with Daniele De Martino recently appeared on JSTAT. The accepted version can be found on the arXiv. In this paper, we solve a model describing the growth-distribution in colonies of E. Coli from their metabolism. We retrieve two scaling laws relating the mean growth with the standard deviation and the time-response. In particular, we show that suboptimal growth-rates have faster response and therefore colonies with smaller mean growth rate have faster adaptation.

The conference I have organized: Contemporary Ways of Integrability. Lisbon, May 16-19, 2012

Curriculum vitae

Google Scholar profile, my arXiv page and my ORCID page.

The published version of all my papers can be downloaded for free at SCI-HUB. The DOI addresses of the papers can be found in my CV. If the Sci-Hub server is down, please look for alternative Sci-Hub servers on-line.
PhD Thesis