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GFM-UL Postdoctoral Program

GFM-UL runs a postdoctoral program aimed at highly promising young researchers who have obtained their PhD preferably within the last 5 years, and who are interested in pursuing their research in the areas where the group is active.

The salary for these positions is of 17940 euros/year (tax free). There are, in general, no teaching duties associated with these positions. These grants may be of three different types, all sponsored by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), except possibly in the case of type 3. below:

  1. FCT fellowship: this is highly competitive at the national level, and usually there is one application period every year (in 2010 this will be open between the 3rd of May and the 6th of September); should you be interested in applying for such a grant, it is recommended that you contact the GFM member who is the closest to your scientific interests sometime in advance; at present, five of GFM's postdoctoral fellows have FCT fellowships;
  2. GFM fellowship: every year GFM opens one or two vacancies; in all other respects these are similar to type 1. above, and at present there are two researchers with this type of grant;
  3. Project fellowship: several members of GFM are responsible for projects which include financing for postdoctoral positions; these vacancies are generally of a more specific nature, as they must fit within the project scope; by the end of 2010 there will be three researchers holding such fellowships.

These appointments are typically for one year, being extendable for one or two more years upon mutual agreement and, in the case of grants of type 2. and 3., also depending on budget restrictions. Occasionally, grants of type 3. may follow slightly different temporal rules depending on the nature of the project.

As of the academic year 2010/11 we expect to have a total of ten resident postdoctoral fellows.

For more information, please contact Jean-Claude Zambrini.