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Bethe Ansatz and the Spectral Theory of Affine Lie Algebra-Valued Connections I. The simply-laced Case 2018-01-25
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PDE and probability in mathematical physics 2011-11-16
Lecture series in mathematical physics / 2011 2011-02-14
José Sebrosa 2006-11-03
Quantum Integrable Systems and Geometry 2012-08-02
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20110131-balch.jpg 2011-01-23
mathchem2006.jpg 2007-10-04
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Post-doctoral position in From Stochastic Geometric Mechanics to Mass Transportation Problems (deadline 28 February 2017) 2017-01-04
Post-doctoral position in From Stochastic Geometric Mechanics to Mass Transportation Problems (deadline 31 August 2017) 2017-06-14
3-months Post-doctoral position 2015 (start 2015-10-01) 2015-08-12
Post-doctoral position 2014: Project PTDC/MAT/120354/2010 (start 2014-08-01) 2014-04-07
Post-doctoral position 2012 (1) 2011-05-17
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