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Operational verification of the existence of time and space

Seminário do GFM
FCUL, C6, room 6.2.33
2022-10-24 10:30 .. 11:30
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by Marko Vojinovic (Institute of Physics, Univ. of Belgrade)

We argue that there exists an operational way to establish the objective reality of the notions of space and time. Specifically, we propose a theory-independent protocol for a gedanken-experiment, whose outcome is a signal establishing the observability of the spacetime manifold, without a priori assuming its existence. The experimental signal contains the information about the dimension and the topology of spacetime (with the currently achievable precision), and establishes its manifold structure, while respecting its underlying diffeomorphism symmetry. We also introduce and discuss appropriate criteria for the concept of emergence of spacetime, which a tentative theoretical model of physics must satisfy in order to claim that spacetime does emerge from some more fundamental concepts.